Dental Treatment Under General Anaesthesia

Dental treatment can be carried out when a patient is given a general anaesthesia in a hospital environment under the control of a trained anaesthetist and awakened after the treatment has been completed. Approximate treatment times are determined by the appointed anaesthetist before the procedure begins and only after the patient’s treatment and personal requirements have been correctly analysed. After the treatment, the patient is awakened and discharged from the hospital on the same day and can continue his or her normal daily routine by the following day.

What Type of Patients Are Suitable Candidates For A General Anaesthesia?
  • Those adults who experience intense fear and anxiety
  • Disabled children and adults and those with mental and physically disabilities
  • Children who are too young to be treated using persuasion and rational explanation
  • Surgical procedures that usually automatically require a general anaesthetic (bone cysts and bone graft etc.)
  • Patients whose nausea/vomiting reflexes are very intense
  • Adult patients who prefer to have multiple surgical procedures in as little as 2-4 hours which cannot normally be performed in a single session with just a local anaesthesia.
  • Those with allergies to some local anaesthetic ingredients
  • Where local anaesthesia alone cannot provide sufficient loss of sensation/numbness in a particular area
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